Creative Youth Workshop

Music Writing Skills

How to Write Music (Composition stream)

Youth creative and composition workshop is an 8-week seasonal program designed to foster student skills in music writing and fundamentals. Once a week for two months, students meet with their mentor in a group setting (online via Zoom), and receive lectures and a hands-on approach to music improvisation, notation and development of their ideas. Each young composer, ranging from beginner to advanced, will be writing a new piece, this round for solo piano. Throughout the 8-week program, students receive feedback and direction from their mentor while having their music workshopped, refined and finalized. The end result will be a completed score of a musical creation, professionally developed and notated. These scores can then be further used for applications to national and international composition and song-writing opportunities as well as student portfolios for university applications.

Group 1: Students with no musical writing skills (Beginner)

Group 2: Students with some musical writing skills (Intermediate)

Group 3: Students with musical writing experience (Advanced)

Tuition: $275 CAD (8-week program)

Application: Students must have some musical background in playing an instrument, and be familiar with reading and writing notes even at a beginner level. Parents/students to send in pdf files of one or two samples of either a single melody written by the student (can be as short as one line/phrase), or an entire composition/song or draft of one. Selected students will be placed into Group 1, 2 or 3 according to their age and level.


Deadline for application: October 15, 2021

Schedule: (Online Zoom Group Meetings)

Group 1: Starting October 26, 2021, workshops are held every Tuesday @5:45 PM Eastern Time

Group 2: Starting October 28, 2021, workshops are held every Thursday @5:00 PM Eastern Time

Group 3: Starting October 29, 2021, workshops are held every Friday @4:30 PM Eastern Time

Eligibility: age group 7-17 years old inclusive

* After the workshops are completed, students will continue to be part of ECM's musical family, and can benefit from available opportunities. These could range from free composition lectures, career advice, and auditing more advanced and professional composition workshops. These sessions can be extremely beneficial to the learning process.

Why choose our program:

  • Build your creative skills

  • Learn musical foundations

  • Build your portfolio (university application)

  • Competitions opportunities

  • Work with professionals in the field

Mentor: Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh

International Composer and Educator
( )

Composer-in-Residence with the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra
Read more about our Mentor

May 2021 Festival

Take a look at our Emerging Composer Festival Series for the Early-Career composers.

The May 2021 lectures and workshops were a success! We hosted world premieres of these six newly written works for piano and marimba.

A big thanks to our mentor and lecturer Dr. Daniel Mehdizadeh and the dynamic SHHH!! Ensemble for their informative workshop.

We look forward to our continued relationship and support of these six emerging composers as they continue with their future endeavours.

Check out the World Premieres on YouTube