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Jaclyn B (5 Stars)

I had a really wonderful time during the composer festival! The lessons were super helpful and direct, the group I worked with was extremely professional and prepared, and I was able to get a wonderful recording of my work. I would highly recommend this program :)

George G (5 Stars)

I enjoyed the workshop we had, I felt that it was a supportive and professional environment. I had the chance of collaborating with top notch musicians and met interesting composers from around the world.

Mari Alice C (5 Stars)

The East Chamber Music Emerging Composer Festival was well organized and professionally carried out from beginning to end. Dr. Mehdizadeh and the SHHH!! Ensemble (resident ensemble) were incredibly supportive, informative, and open to new ideas which created a safe space to explore and create. There were additional opportunities curated that connected the emerging composers in the program; this was most appreciated and meaningful considering the platform of running an entirely online festival. I came away from the festival with the confidence that my composition skills had been developed and valued and felt connected to many wonderful musicians from all around the world! I was further thrilled to have my work presented by the SHHH!! Ensemble in a professional and compelling way. Thank you for the experience and bravo to all involved!

Chase J (5 Stars)
Overall, I was very impressed during my time working with Daniel, SHHH!!! Ensemble, and the East Chamber Music Administrative team. Communications were clear, expectations attainable, and everyone was professional yet personal in the way they worked with the composers. Would definitely return, and would recommend it to anyone.

Karthi S (5 Stars)
A good teacher is hard to come by and I have found that Dr. Daniel is an excellent tutor. As parents, we noticed that our daughter has made an amazing progress. It is due to the patience and knowledge that Dr. Daniel has. We are grateful for his guidance and more than happy to refer Dr. Daniel to anyone who is interested in music.

Lyra (5 Stars)
Daniel is a great teacher! He makes music theory concepts very easy to understand and is a great composition mentor. He gives great advice on how to approach a composition and allows you to explore your musical style.

Amy CC (5 Stars)
Daniel Mehdizadeh at East Chamber Music is an engaging teacher. I've been impressed with how he has supported our daughter (17) as she prepared for her RCM level 8 theory exam (which she did very well on) and how he is helping her grow as a composer.

Pavana K (5 Stars)
Daniel is very efficient and knowledgeable teacher! His teaching methods are very clear and concise! He simplifies the concepts from the RCM harmony and history syllabi and makes it very easy to understand!

Christine (5 Stars)
Daniel is extremely professional and goes above and beyond to ensure that his students receive high quality instruction and guidance on theory and composition.

Sophia W (5 Stars)
The user didn't write a review, and has left just a 5 star rating.

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Emily W
Daniel is an amazing teacher, he is very professional and simplifies perfectly the RCM curriculum. When I was about to start preparing for my Level 8 Theory Exam, he doesn’t only have a great amount of teaching skills, he is also extremely patient. Which is something I think is very important in all teachers. At first, I wasn’t good at many topics and concepts, so he started from the beginning to help me. Through practice and guidance, I improved and one day I went to do my exam. In a short amount of time, I was able to do the exam successfully, with a final score of 99.72% (RCM certificate score is 100%). Overall, I think Daniel is one of the best teachers out there that can teach young musicians all there is to be successful.